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"Having seen first hand what Wall Street and greed can do to a company and the people working there, I decided to quit my high tech job to found Maracuja: a culmination of ideas and values going back a long time. Whereas the goals are clear, the road to getting there is a work in progress - the result of many beautiful minds and hearts working together, and will also be evolving. My aspiration is not to be some kind of leader, but a creator participating in the new economy we hope to help build."
kjetil larsen
"With background in fashion, retail, graphic design, and financial and personal management I am hoping to bring a multifaceted view to a multifaceted company. Being involved in the early development of Maracuja has been a gift! Guiding general business strategy, managing capital structure, getting the right people together, and facilitating conversations has sometimes been challenging but I have really seen great people come up with some amazing work and magical ideas. Maracuja is still developing, and it might always stay that way. Moving with the world and the needs of the people, staying fluid and open for change is part of Maracuja’s strengths."
carola wenniger
general manager